Saturday, 28 August 2010



I think this is a good topic to show what I think about "The System" and a good topic to get people to start following my way of thinking if they agree. So lets get started, what is money? Well in my opinon money is just a piece of paper which says "this can be claimed for a item". So in a basic world if I had some gold I would be able to write on a piece of paper the amount of gold I had and where it can be claimed if wanted. Then take it around with me and if I wanted to buy something worth the same amount of gold I could give them the paper. Then they could trade the paper with everyone and everyone would understand the value of the paper because it is backed by the item which in this case is gold. However it seem that in this world of corruptions people can just say that they are the government or the bank and make pieces of paper which are not backed by gold. Yes just make money from nothing if you and I did this we would go to jail very fast however its alright for some it seems. I could go on more about it but I dont want to ramble on so just add me and keep checking for new posts.

BTW my goal for this blog is to try and wake people up to what is happening in this world and to evently see change.


  1. why does anyone even need money, the bartering system is best!!