Sunday, 29 August 2010

DRUGS are bad.... ok


Just had a thought or as I like to say a thought process about drugs, in particular marijuana or cannabis or weeed or grass or skunk. As I followed the process I said to myself why is it ilegal a very typical question for anyone who has ever smoked some or even read anything about it. However it is very hard to come up with a logical reason taking into account peoples freedom. So as I could not answer that I started to think of why governments all over the world make it ilegal. What I came up with is that the government just do not want us to. Following this process I then said why would they not want us to take it and here is my answer. As soon as you take weed you start to wake up your brain comes alive with ideas and you start to question everything even the "system". The government does not want this they would much prefer people to stay sheep and be in the "system" instead of seeing it for what it is.


  1. Isn't it just so unfair?

  2. drugs are bad okayyy mmmmmmmhh


  4. Telling people how they are allowed to have fun gives you more control of them, bro. Restrict them to certain activities and they're more likely to think in the way you want.

    Plenty of people won't do anything illegal just because it's illegal, even if there is no way they'd be caught.

  5. i love drugs :(

    follow back :)