Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Just read something funny about weed. "The most dangerous thing about pot is getting caught with it."

Sunday, 29 August 2010

DRUGS are bad.... ok


Just had a thought or as I like to say a thought process about drugs, in particular marijuana or cannabis or weeed or grass or skunk. As I followed the process I said to myself why is it ilegal a very typical question for anyone who has ever smoked some or even read anything about it. However it is very hard to come up with a logical reason taking into account peoples freedom. So as I could not answer that I started to think of why governments all over the world make it ilegal. What I came up with is that the government just do not want us to. Following this process I then said why would they not want us to take it and here is my answer. As soon as you take weed you start to wake up your brain comes alive with ideas and you start to question everything even the "system". The government does not want this they would much prefer people to stay sheep and be in the "system" instead of seeing it for what it is.


Just thought about this picture and thought you all may want to read it and think about it. Try to ask yourself if your doing any one of those and why. In my opinion act normal is the funniest one because so many people try to. It has stuck with me and entered my mind whenever I do something and I just think is that me or "is that what a normal person would do". which is a phrase I would get banned if i could.

The mind is like a parachute it only works when fully open.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Why Do We Have/Need it Then


This point comes from me thinking about money even more. Well lets just accept that the government makes the money for a while. If we do that then we are saying they make the money then give the money out in ways I havnt looked into and then they take it back through taxes. :S If you just pulled that face you would be right, there is no need to give us the money. They should just cut us out and they can keep the money they love so much. I havent really got an answer to why they give us money apart from a "System" to control us.

Ill finish with an example of a world without money which I read "A farmer, a miller and a baker could live without money because the farmer would grow the grain give it to the miller who would turn it to flour. The miller would then give it to the baker who would make bread out of it and give the bread to everyone who helped. If anyone of them three does not do there job they do not get the bread." Now that's what I call the simple life.

I do this so it can spark something in your head to "Question Everthing" even this.



I think this is a good topic to show what I think about "The System" and a good topic to get people to start following my way of thinking if they agree. So lets get started, what is money? Well in my opinon money is just a piece of paper which says "this can be claimed for a item". So in a basic world if I had some gold I would be able to write on a piece of paper the amount of gold I had and where it can be claimed if wanted. Then take it around with me and if I wanted to buy something worth the same amount of gold I could give them the paper. Then they could trade the paper with everyone and everyone would understand the value of the paper because it is backed by the item which in this case is gold. However it seem that in this world of corruptions people can just say that they are the government or the bank and make pieces of paper which are not backed by gold. Yes just make money from nothing if you and I did this we would go to jail very fast however its alright for some it seems. I could go on more about it but I dont want to ramble on so just add me and keep checking for new posts.

BTW my goal for this blog is to try and wake people up to what is happening in this world and to evently see change.